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Additional Services

Additional Services

Looking for a regular or once off lawn mowing and or gardening service? Express Lawn Mowing & Gardening will come to you from just $24.95


PRUNING – Regular hedging, pruning and trimming is essential to the maintenance and well being of our garden. Trees, shrubs hedges and roses professionally pruned to promote healthy new growth.

GARDEN BED MAINTENANCE – A well maintained garden provides a great look and feel to any home. From weeding, fertilising to a complete garden makeover.

WATERING SYSTEMS – We can design and install an effective and environmentally friendly system to meet all your watering needs, whether it be a garden bed or a complete yard

LANDSCAPING – Make your garden stand out from the rest with help from a professional Express team member. From planning to woodchip to paving we can help transform your garden into a showpiece.

RUBBISH REMOVAL – Have you been putting off removing garden and general rubbish? Let us remove unsightly green waste, rubbish and debris to keep your garden and home looking great.