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Green & Weed

Green & Weed

Looking for a regular or once off lawn mowing and or gardening service? Express Lawn Mowing & Gardening will come to you from just $24.95

fertilizer treatment for grass

Applying the correct treatment to your lawn will give you a well presented lawn which looks great and enhances the appeal and value of your property. Also it will give you a great satisfaction that your lawn is well taken care of no matter what time of year it is.

GREEN-A-LAWN – Treated with our specially formulated fertiliser, lawns produce a greener healthier grass. It will also assist building a stronger resistance against unwanted lawn pests and discolouring.

WEED-A-LAWN – Your lawns are professionally sprayed for clover, bindi and broadleaf weeds.

The plants grow actively throughout winter and seed in spring. The seed heads use an uneven surface on fine turf such as golf greens. Perennial types of wintergrass can become established in some turf situations. We can offer a professional advice of what type of weed is affecting your lawn and provide a solution.